Fuel Testing

At RSM Environmental, we recognise the significance of accurate and reliable fuel testing to safeguard your fuel system. Our fuel testing service helps to reduce operational risks and ensure compliance with industry standards.

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UKAS-accredited testing

Our testing processes meets strict quality and accuracy standards for UKAS accreditation.

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Available nationwide

Our fuel testing service is available throughout from the UK.

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Get expert support you can trust from our team of experienced engineers.

What is fuel testing?

Fuel testing is a cost-effective method of determining the health of your fuel system. It identifies the presence of diesel bug, which could cause major problems if left untreated.


For a fuel test to be carried out, a sample is taken from a fuel tank by one of our qualified and experienced engineers.


The fuel is then tested in a UKAS-accredited laboratory. To summarise your test we provide a supporting report which shows an international standard (ISO) result of the quality of the fuel.

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fuel which requires testing

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO)

The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) is intended to deliver reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from fuel used for transport purposes by encouraging the supply of renewable fuels.


The issues born out of RTFO have been well publicised and like most, RSM recognise that it’s a positive change that fuel refiners are now forced to ensure that at least 5% of their product is sustainably sourced.


This means that at least 5% of products like class A2 gasoil consists mainly of plant derived oils, making it essential for regular testing along with real-time visibility of what’s going on in the tank.


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