Fuel Polishing

Safeguard your equipment from damage and improve fuel efficiency with RSM’s fuel polishing service. Our fuel polishing service meets the highest standards for removing fuel contaminants, ensuring your fuel is of the highest quality.


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Fuel polishing samples
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ISO 4406 EN590 Standard

Our fuel polishing service meets ISO 4406 EN590 – the international standard for reporting on the level of particulate contamination in a liquid.

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Available nationwide

Our fuel polishing service is available throughout the UK.

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Expert support

We offer expert support from our team of highly experienced engineers.

Fuel polishing for stored fuels

As water is heavier than oil, the majority of fuel contamination is found in the bottom 10% of fuel storage tanks.


Typically, this contamination consists of particulate matter, free-standing water and sludge.

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Fuel polishing equipment

What is fuel polishing?

Fuel polishing is a mechanical cleaning process used to remove harmful chemicals or bacteria in the fuel.


Fuel is removed from the tank, passed through specialist equipment and then filtered back through resulting in clean fuel.

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