Pipework and Line Testing

Pipework and line testing is crucial when it comes to transporting stored fuels.

Our pipework and line testing services employ helps identify and rectify issues in pipework promptly and efficiently. Giving you peace of mind your pipework is safe and compliant.

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Pipework tested by RSM engineers
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Our testing processes are accredited to ensure you get support you can trust.

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Available nationwide

We offer pipework and line testing services throughout the UK.

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Expert support

At RSM, our team of expert engineers are here to help conduct pipework maintenance and testing.

Getting you pipework tested

Getting your fuel pipework tested is an essential step in maintaining the safety and efficiency of your fuel delivery system. Over time, pipework can develop corrosion, leaks, or other vulnerabilities that could lead to fuel spills, environmental damage, or costly repairs.


RSM’s fuel pipework testing service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your pipelines, identifying any weaknesses or issues that may compromise their integrity.


By choosing RSM Environmental for your fuel pipework testing, you can ensure the reliability of your fuel delivery system, reduce the risk of accidents or leaks, and comply with industry regulations.

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Preparing for a greener future

As the UK heads towards lower emissions by 2030 and net zero by 2050, then pipework alterations, installations and testing have never been more important.


As products and infrastructure begin to adjust to the change, all of us have an environmental duty to ensure our systems are compliant, safe, and working efficiently, and we have the in-house capabilities to help customers manage the transition into a greener space.

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